About Iotex

IoTeX is a blockchain 3.0 platform for the Internet of things. The IoTeX blockchain not only allows for massive scalability, but it provides IoT device manufacturers and dApps developers with a full-featured blockchain framework, supporting instant transactions, full privacy, smart contracts, and lightweight cryptography for low power devices.

Y Validator

Youbi Validator is the block validation service operated by Youbi Capital. Our fund is a major token holder of many serious prospective public blockchains that will rely on Proof of Stake. Staking the tokens is a great way for crypto investors to generate crypto flow. We would like to take advantage of our expertise and position as an early investor to extend the opportunity to maximize return from staking to the retail investors in the community.


Y validator is managed by a team of crypto investment and trading experts from Youbi Capital. We also work closely with mining experts from Wayi Blockchain Technology. Experience from both teams will offer delegated clients an edge in accessing the most profitable blockchain validation activities.

Community Plan

We target long term investors in Iotex and try to make the staking service as accessible and profitable as possible. We plan to provide step-by-step guidance to vote for our node and receive rewards as well as timely updated statistics of the validation activities and reward collection. We will distribute rewards on a daily basis if the cost of transaction allows.

Your rewards

Y validator offers competitive rewards distribution plan to delegated clients. The percentage of rewards will be dynamically adjusted based on block production efficiency, validation cost and other factors. The initial rewards distributed to the delegated clients for Iotex will be 50% of the total rewards.
Vote for Y Validator (link)